Subscribers have received an email notification from CEO of TN Marketing, Cal Franklin, confirming that the Bluprint brand will be changed back to Craftsy. Whether or not they’ll revert back to the same logo, we’ll have to wait and see.

In a positive move that shows they are already listing to subscribers and their community, the site will relaunch of 1st September under it’s original brand name and include not only the features from Bluprint, but also new content such as live events and hobby related travel programmes.

As previously confirmed, all subscription services, course materials, and individually purchased classes will continue through the Bluprint until the transition to the new website is made.

From 1st September there will be the ability to once again purchase individual classes and subscriptions on the new Craftsy website.

Bluprint have updated their FAQs page at this time too – Bluprint FAQS

I’ll be watching out for further announcements and there are set to be special events happening on the launch date.

Welcome back Craftsy – It’s a big thumbs up and yay from me!

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