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Beyond The Festival of Quilts

I’d hoped that 2020 would be the first year I’d attend The Festival of Quilts, billed as Europe’s premier Quilt show and held annually at the Birmingham NEC. Unfortunately, like all these kind of things that have been cancelled and postponed now, that’s just not possible. Fortunately, they’re running a virtual version of the festival …

The Craftsy Brand is Back!

Subscribers have received an email notification from CEO of TN Marketing, Cal Franklin, confirming that the Bluprint brand will be changed back to Craftsy. Whether or not they’ll revert back to the same logo, we’ll have to wait and see. In a positive move that shows they are already listing to subscribers and their community, …

Virtual Log Cabin Quilt

#virtuallogcabin Whilst watching The Creative Craft Show Live on Facebook last weekend (see the post), I viewed a conversation with textile artist Dionne Swift. During the interview, Dionne mentioned a collaborative project she’d conceived earlier during lockdown to create a virtual log cabin quilt in order to foster a sense of community amongst quilters/crafters during …

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