The Craftsy Brand is Back!

The Crafty Brand is to Return

Subscribers have received an email notification from CEO of TN Marketing, Cal Franklin, confirming that the Bluprint brand will be changed back to Craftsy. Whether or not they’ll revert back to the same logo, we’ll have to wait and see.

In a positive move that shows they are already listing to subscribers and their community, the site will relaunch of 1st September under it’s original brand name and include not only the features from Bluprint, but also new content such as live events and hobby related travel programmes.

As previously confirmed, all subscription services, course materials, and individually purchased classes will continue through the Bluprint until the transition to the new website is made.

From 1st September there will be the ability to once again purchase individual classes and subscriptions on the new Craftsy website.

Bluprint have updated their FAQs page at this time too – Bluprint FAQS

I’ll be watching out for further announcements and there are set to be special events happening on the launch date.

Welcome back Craftsy – It’s a big thumbs up and yay from me!

The Quilting Spot Facebook Page is now Live!

The Facebook page for The Quilting spot is now up and running. I’m only slightly more up on using Facebook than I am WordPress, but I’m aiming to post regularly.

Please visit to keep up to date with what’s grabbing my attention and as well as project progress updates.

Pop by now and don’t forget to like my page!

Hello there!

Soooo… this’ll be my first blog post then. Not just the first on The Quilting Spot, I mean my actual first. Ever.

You’re reading this, so that’s one objective ticked off already – to share my quilting thoughts, musings, projects and progress with likeminded quilty souls like you (note how I didn’t say ‘journey’ there. It was really tough, but I resisted).

In the first instance, it’s a place to document my experience of the challenges, successes and inevitable frustrations and failings that come with this amazing craft.

At this point, in common with so many others at this time, I have found myself with a little more time on my hands and turned back to quilting as a way to relax and cope with the stresses of all that was happening around me.

I’ve completed 4 quilts to date. That sounds much more impressive than the actual reality of them, I assure you. I might post about them at some point. After all, they’re part of my jou – nearly!

What could it become? Hum, too early to say…

All I can say is that when I get an idea in my head, I know the only way to get rid of that relentless nagging feeling is to act on it. TQS will evolve for sure.

It might even also improve my copy writing!

And spelling!

In the meantime, if you think you might be interested in walking along side me in all this, please pop your email in the box below. I wholeheartedly promise not to bombard your inbox.

Feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly at